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Welcome to register for participating in the 6th WLA Forum (“this event”). Please carefully read Registration Notice and Privacy Policy before filling in and submitting registration information; you must click to select “Agree and accept Registration Notice and Privacy Policy” before submitting registration information.

I. Fill in and submit registration information

1.When filling in registration information, you shall ensure that you fill in legal, true and accurate contents and have obtained necessary authorization required by applicable laws and regulations. If your registration information is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete, or necessary authorization is not obtained, you shall bear the corresponding liabilities and consequences caused thereby.

2.We will collect and process your registration information in accordance with our Privacy Policy attached to the Registration Notice. Please carefully read the contents of the Privacy Policy before submitting registration information.

3.If you disagree with the contents of the Registration Notice or Privacy Policy attached hereto, please neither click on any button of consent, nor submit registration information to us, and then exit this page.

4.Upon your submission of registration information to us, you will be deemed as confirming your corresponding capacity for rights and conducts, ability to register and participate in our event, and willingness to independently bear legal liabilities therefrom.

5.After you have completed submission of registration information, we may send you and inform you of the registration approval results via email, SMS, telephone, etc., you agree and accept that we will use your email address and phone number in the above manner, and the above notice is deemed to have been served to the recipient on the date of delivery.

II. Event participation

1.When you participate in this event, you must comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as event site management requirements, including but not limited to cooperation with security inspection (e.g. identity verification) by venue operators, compliance with epidemic prevention management measures and site order, etc.

2.You shall properly retain the registration confirmation information we send to you or other relevant conference/exhibition participation credentials; if such credentials are used by others due to your improper retention, you shall bear the corresponding adverse consequences on your own.

3.In any of the following circumstances, we may suspend or terminate your right to participate in this event at any time without bearing liabilities to you or any third party:

1) The registration information you submit is untrue;

2) You violate site management requirements of this event; or

3) When participating in this event, you violate applicable laws and regulations, or infringe on legitimate rights and interests of third parties.

III. Intellectual property rights

1.Any text, picture, graph, audio and/or video data contained in this registration page are subject to protection of copyright, trademark and/or other property ownership laws.

2.Unless otherwise stipulated mandatorily by laws, without consent of relevant right holder, any institutions or individuals shall not illegally copy, reprint, quote, link, capture or use whole or partial information or contents on this page in any manner; otherwise, they will be claimed for legal liabilities by the right holder.

Privacy Policy:

This event is organized, operated and managed by 世界顶尖科学家(上海)科学集团有限公司 (hereinafter referred to as “we”). When you access event information, submit registration information and participate in event (hereinafter referred to as “use this service”), we will collect, use and share your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “this policy”).

This policy contains the clauses on our collection, storage, use, sharing and protection of your personal information. We hope to clearly introduce our way of processing your personal information to you through this policy, and thus we suggest you reading this policy completely to help you learn about the way of protecting your personal information. If you have any question regarding this policy, please feel free to contact us. If you disagree with any contents herein, you shall stop filling in or submitting registration information, and stop using this service. When you click “Agree and accept Registration Notice and Privacy Policy”, and click to submit registration information, it indicates that you have agreed with our collection and processing of your personal information in accordance with this policy.

I. How we collect information

With the aim to accept your registration application and offer you service for participation in this event, we and our authorized technological partner will collect the following information you submit during registration in the following manners:

1.Collect your name, your employer, title and email address to confirm your identity and decide whether to accept your registration.

2.In addition to your name, position and title, we may also collect your profile photo to create certificate or other credentials for your participation in this event.

3.Conduct real-name authentication, site verification, sign-in management and more for the sake of safety management in this event.We will collect your name, ID (ID card or passport) number, date of birth, gender, profile photo and your face image collected on site.

4.With the aim to contact with you, we will collect your name, mobile phone number, work phone number, fax number, email address and your business card.

5.Provide you with travel related services to attend conference and exhibitions, including pick-up and drop-off, hotel reservation, meal reservation and other service, etc. In order to deliver travel support service to you, we may need you to provide travel and accommodation information, including: your means of transport, flight number or train number, departure and arrival time; check-in hotel and its address, room type, room number, check-in and check-out time; whether to need catering service and meal taboo; your companion’s name, mobile phone number, email address, itinerary information, etc.

6.With the aim to contact and interact with you on social networks, we will collect your social media account information, such as WeChat No., WeChat nickname, QQ number, Weibo name.

7.Perform obligations of health and epidemic prevention management, we will collect your temperature , your health code and itinerary code screenshot.

8.If you are our invited speaker, we need you to provide your bank account information and opening bank so as to pay reimbursement to you.

9.When you pay us registration fee, exhibition participation fee and other expenses, we will collect the payment records through WeChat Pay, Alipay and other third-party payment agencies to confirm payment of relevant expenses.

Particularly, in response to mandatory requirements of specific event venue operators, instructions of competent national security authorities, public security authorities or as requested by implementation of public security, health and epidemic prevention laws, regulations and policies, we may collect the following sensitive personal information of you when you register or enter into the venues of conferences and exhibitions:

1) Your profile photo;

2) Your facial information;

3) Your health code, itinerary code;

4) Your temperature information; or your other biometric information.

The above sensitive personal information of you will be used for the following purposes:

1) In order to ensure public security of relevant conference and exhibition, conduct real-name verification of participants through facial verification;

2) For the purpose of public health and infectious disease dissemination prevention, confirm health status of participants and whether there are risks of infectious disease by checking temperature, verifying health code, itinerary code, etc., and fulfill epidemic prevention record obligations.

The above sensitive information of you may be shared with venue operators, third parties that provide security inspection services and relevant government authorities based on different requirements of relevant agencies. We (or through our relevant partners) will ask for your explicit permission respectively when collecting and sharing your sensitive personal information (e.g. when collecting and uploading facial information on the sign-in site). If you refuse such collection and sharing, you may not be able to complete sign-in process nor enter the applicable venues to participate in the event.

II. How we use the information

We use the collected information for the purpose of providing you with the service of this event and enhancing service quality. In order to achieve this purpose, we will use your information for the following purposes:

1.Offer service and personalized experience to you
We use your registration information to provide you with service in this event, including recognizing your identity, verifying your information, and delivering personalized additional service to you based on your choice, such as arranging conference boarding and lodging, providing pick-up and drop-off transportation service, etc.

2.Communicate with you
We will use your contact information to communicate with you via email, mobile phone SMS, WeChat mini-program message, phone call, etc., including confirming your registration, reminding you to pay, responding to your comments, questions and needs, providing customer support, and sending you updates, notices, warnings, etc.

3.Fraud prevention, security protection
We may use your information to prevent, detect and investigate fraudulent, infringement, dangerous or illegal acts, thereby protecting legitimate rights and interests of you, other event participants and other related parties.

4.Other purposes explicitly permitted by you.

III. How we share information

We are obligated to keep your information confidential, and will not sell or provide your information to third parties for marketing or illegal purposes. Except for the following circumstances, we will not share your personal information with any third parties:

1.Obtain your consent or authorization in advance.

2.According to provisions of laws and regulations or requirements of administrative or judicial institutions.

3.For the purpose of delivering service to you, provide your personal information to trusted partners (including but not limited to technological partners, media partners, application developers and advertisement partners), and allow them to process such information for us following our instructions and abiding by this policy, as well as any other corresponding confidentiality and security measures.

4.With on-going development of our business, when M&A, asset transfer and other transactions occur which result in sharing of your personal information with a third party, we will inform you of relevant circumstances through push notification, announcement, etc., continually protect or require new management to continually protect your personal information in accordance with laws, regulations and standards not lower than the requirements herein; otherwise, we will require this third party to ask you for authorization and consent again.

5.Despite the aforesaid agreement, we may share your information with the third party after anonymizing or de-identifying it (and ensure it can no longer be re-identified by such third party). Particularly, we will operate this event registration system through our technological partner Shanghai Bayantu Information Technology Co., Ltd (“Shanghai Bayantu”), the operator of 31Event, and provide you with registration and relevant information technology service for participation in this event. To facilitate your registration, we entrust Shanghai Bayantu to use the mobile phone number or email address in your registration information to generate a 31 Event account for you. You may use this account to log in on the registration page, view your registration information and registration fee payment status, view or retrieve the credentials we provide for you to participate in the event, etc. Relevant services of 31 Event will be governed by separately applicable 31 Event User Agreement and 31 Event Service Privacy Policy .

IV. How we store information

1.Information storage location
We will store personal information of users collected domestically in China in accordance with laws and regulations.

2.Information storage period
In general, we only keep your personal information within necessary period of time for the purpose of providing the services to you. In case our service stops operating, we will notify you through push notification, announcement, etc., and delete or anonymize your personal information within a reasonable period

V. Protection of minors

Our service is not targeted at children under the age of 14, and we will not deliberately collect personal information from children under the age of 14 as well. If we find children under the age of 14 have provided personal information to us, we will take measures to delete such information. If you find the circumstances of above children providing personal information to us, please contact us through our customer support service.

VI. Delete information

You may contact us by the approach stipulated in Article 8 to request for deleting the registration information you have submitted to us. We will delete or anonymize your personal information in our custody within 15 days after verifying your identity.

VII. Information protection measures

1.In order to protect your information security, we will strive to protect your information by taking rational physical, electronic and management security measures in line with the prevailing industrial standards, and make commercially reasonable efforts to prevent your information from disclosure, damage or loss, including but not limited to SSL, encrypted information storage and data center access control. The access to your personal information is limited to those work staff who need to process your personal information for completing the tasks or performing technical maintenances in accordance with this policy.

2.The information we collect is stored in a safe operating environment not open to the public. To avoid unauthorized access, we store it in the server that is protected by firewall and may be encrypted. Nevertheless, no system is absolutely secure. Please understand that there is no “perfect security measure” on information network. Despite all our efforts, we may still fail to eliminate illegal access to your personal information. If we find any such illegal access, we will take remedial measures in accordance with applicable laws and notify you in a timely manner.

VIII. Contact us

If you have any questions, comments and suggestions, please contact us through the following contact information:
We will handle your feedback properly. Generally, we will give a reply within 15 working days after verifying your identity.

IX. Privacy policy change

We may change this policy from time to time. Any change of this policy will be released on this page. We encourage you to learn about this policy when using service. Familiarizing yourself with our information from time to time will help you better protect your privacy.

If you disagree with any change of this policy, you must stop using our service and stop providing any of your information to us.

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